Edge Strip Kits

A brand new product that aides with the installation and use of self-leveling underlayment. When installing electric floor heating systems, either cables or mats, the ESKs help contain the SLU which in turn assists in protecting and encapsulating the heating wire and ensures a flat tile surface.

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Why Use Edge Strip Kits

Perimeter Boarder
Peel and stick Edge Strips around the perimeter of the area where you want the SLU contained. The SLU will flow to the strips creating a smooth level substrate. Install across door thresholds to protect adjacent carpet or flooring. Install over floor heat vents, pour SLU and let dry, then the Edge Strip may be cut out to expose vent.

Encapsulates & Protects
Use Edge Strips when installing mat or cable floor heating systems. The strips provide the proper depth allowing the SLU to fully encapsulate the mat/cable protecting the wire for the tile installation stage. Because the mat/cable is fully encapsulated, you don't have to worry about damage to the floor heat system when installing tile/stone.

Flat Surface for Tile
The use of larger format tiles and mosaic in-lays require flat tile surfaces. Using Edge Strips and SLU helps to insure a smooth flat surface to reduce lippage.

Made in the U.S.A.

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"I put in floor heating mats in a new Master Bath and covered the mats with Self Level Compound. I ordered Edge Strip Kits for the job and was amazed how easily they were to install and how well they worked. I ended up with a perfectly level floor which made installing the tile a breeze. Thanks for everything!"

Jonathan R., White Rock, BC. Canada

"I highly recommend purchasing the Edge Strip Kits - I doubt there is better product in the market to help people achieve successful results."

Wayne A., Edison, NJ

"Edge Strip Kits are a MUST HAVE if you are installing electric cable heating under your floor. All you do is peel and stick these babies around the perimeter of your entire floor and pour your Self Leveling Underlayment. The height of the strips are perfect for covering loose laid cable or cable mats, it also allows you to effortlessly monitor the thickness of the SLU and the strips contain the SLU to the area you are working on. These strips are awesome!!"

Bradley Piening

Edge Strip Kits

About Us

As a tilesetter for over 42 years, I have displayed a passion for the tile industry and over that time developed many techniques and processes to help in successful tile installations. With the experience of a "hands on, day to day" installer, I know what products work and how the professional installer thinks.

By running a remodeling company for over 32 years I also know how the average homeowner views the remodeling process. The development of the Edge Strip Kits helps to serve both the Pro and DIY'er alike.

Back Butter Buddy

The Back Butter Buddy is another innovative new tool I designed to make back-buttering of tile and stone safe and easy. The BBB provides a stable surface to rotate the tile with no fatigue to the installer from needing to spin the tiles manually in their hand.

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